February 2013 Newsletter

Dear Client

Wishing you a prosperous & healthy 2013.

We started off the year with a bang, sent out all our Calendars to you and then got a call from our Printing company to inform us that the 2nd 6 months of the calendars are wrong. They reprinted and we shall resend to those of you that we have not given to already. Last year left us with sadness when our caregiver of 6+ years who looked after our brain injured son committed suicide after his fiancé broke up with him. The January side of the calendar has a picture of Richard and Roald taken at Salt Rock, KZN last year May. Richard also caught his first fish there and the smile after that achievement will be with our family for a very long time!


Just a few matters that we would like to remind you of early in 2013:


1. Ensure that your Household Contents is adequately insured by calculating the replacement cost of everything in your house that you will take with you if you move house, average will be applied if you are underinsured in the event of a claim;


2. Insurers have added an optional section on polices called accidental damage, this will cover you for unforeseen accidents at home or power outages/load shedding if your household equipment gets damaged in these events, call us for a quote if you want to add the cover to your existing policy – it is available for both building and household contents insurance and cover under the general contents will not cover you for these incidents;

3. We advise you to specify items that you often use outside of your house exceeding a value of R1,000 if you have All Risks unspecified since the limit on this cover is usually a percentage of your sum insured or R1,000 which may leave you with a shortfall if you claim for more expensive items like cameras, jewellery, etc;


4. Make sure that we have the correct model and make of your vehicle as the value of your vehicle that we look up every year on our system depends on the correctness of the information that you or the Dealer provided us with.


5. If you have any non-standard extras on your car we have to give the company a list of extras with values to add to your car insurance;


6. Also inform us if you need Top-Up insurance to cover you for the difference between the current retail value and the total outstanding at the Finance company including interest, this will prevent you from having a shortfall. Normally needed if your outstanding balance at the bank exceeds the current Retail value;


7. Car hire is not automatically included in vehicle insurance, you have to request for it to be added and we shall quote you the additional premium to be paid for it;


8. Make sure that we have your details of new phones or other Electronic Equipment for instance laptops, I-pads etc when you upgrade to ensure that you have cover in the event of a loss;


9. Also remember to ask Tokkie to quote you on your building insurance, you do not have to insure it through your bond holder any longer, the law that previously existed was scrapped some years ago. We often find that our premiums and excesses are better options for you and you do not pay interest on your insurance as with the Bond Holder when they add it to your bond payment and I shall be handling your claims for you and not some stranger you do not know;


10. We specialize in the following Insurance: Short-Term Personal and Business Insurance; Medical Aids; Investments; Annuities/Pension fund schemes; Life and related – please call us for a Financial Analysis or if you need your Will updated – Pieter Rudman can provide his services to you for the Life and Related and Tokkie Strydom and I shall assist with all Short-Term Insurance matters.


Wishing you well in all you attempt this coming year!

Elna Rudman



Elna Rudman

Financial Advisor/Specializing in Short-Term Insurance

Accredited in terms of FAIS fit and proper

Regulatory exams RE1 and RE5 completed

Key Individual & Representative

Elna Rudman Insurance Brokers FSP 5186


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