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Desember 2015 December 2015 Christmas Season Important read - 2015-12-04

KERSSEISOEN REËLINGS: Soos die Kersseisoen nader sluip wil ons graag van die geleentheid gebruik maak om julle en jul familie ‘n wonderlike Kersfees en ‘n jaar gevul met bates, mense en plekke wat julle begeer om te ervaar of  hê, toe te wens.  Ons wense ook dat Kersvader nie suinig sal wees die jaar nie en dat s... more

#Fees must fall - 2015 - 2015-01-28

#Feesmustfall 27 October 2015 Jonathan Faurie published on History tells us that students in this country are not scared to voice their concerns about issues that bother them. It happened in the 1970s and it happened now, students from various universities recently embarked on a series of protests against high fees and... more

Industry Related News - Outsurance News 2012 - 2015-01-22

We  are complemented by having quite a number of Outsurance personnel on our books!  And yes we were able to beat their premiums!  As far as the Outbonus is concerned I need explain that you may pay extra at the Insurer if you opt for the Outbonus, it is the same as taking out a savings plan at a Life Insurer of your choice with t... more

Nov 2014 - Newsletter - 2015-01-21

NEWSLETTER: NOVEMBER 2014 CHRISTMAS PERIOD We are on the doorstep of the holiday season and we would like to provide you with a few handy tips to protect your valued assets: Find a house sitter to look after your property, contents and pets; If you have an alarm, make sure it is in a working condition by testing it; Make your neighbours ... more

Strategic Insurance systems - News Feb 2013 - 2015-01-21

Dear M&F Client We have decided to move our Mutual & Federal book, starting 1 March systematically over to: Strategic Insurance Systems Tel: 012 667 2441 (Switchboard) Fax: 012 667 2442 or 012 667 2646 Address: Block B, Queens Office Park               ... more

Industry related News - FA News Article - 2015-01-21

We are asked often why car values decrease but the premiums increase or remain the same, herewith an explanation: The price of repairing cars both in cost of parts and labour are getting more expensive each year, so much so now in SA that it is unbelieveable how many cars are just simply written off because of the cost of repairs, storing fees c... more

January 2014 Newsletter - 2015-01-21

Newsletter: Elna Rudman Brokers cc January 2014 (Our apologies for this letter in English, there are some of our clients that really cannot  understand or speak Afrikaans and we are taking them into consideration) Happy New Year – may 2014 select YOU as thé winner in all aspects of your life! Thanking all our loyal cli... more

Industry related News - Outsurance Advert in the Spotlight - 2015-01-21

Beeld recently published an article on the Outsurance advert which offers clients all their premiums back after 15 years. It certainly makes interesting reading, and raises a few points which I am sure the general public, and particularly those clever DIY specialists, are unaware of. This subject was also covered by Greg Sneddon of the Financial... more

February 2013 Newsletter - 2015-01-21

Dear Client Wishing you a prosperous & healthy 2013. We started off the year with a bang, sent out all our Calendars to you and then got a call from our Printing company to inform us that the 2nd 6 months of the calendars are wrong. They reprinted and we shall resend to those of you that we have not given to already. Last year left us wi... more

June 2012 Newsletter - 2015-01-21

NEWSLETTER  -   ELNA RUDMAN BROKERS June 2012   Dear Client   Hard to believe we are nearing the half year mark already! Just an update on the Insurance Products that we can offer you and other  Insurance matters that may be of interest to you - our valued client!  Also an opportunity for us to tell... more

19 January 2005 Newsletter - 2015-01-21

Geagte Kliënt   Die nuwe jaar is weer in volle swang en ons wil begin om julle te bedank vir jul getroue ondersteuning van die verlede.  Die nuwe jaar is vol uitdagings vir ons almal en ons missie is om uitstekende diens aan ons kliënte te lewer soos in die verlede.  Direkte versekering word oral in almal se ore ge... more

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